odd tubing found in new construction

I am still training for my first inspections.

Recently I was touring a new res. construction in my neighborhood
and noticed a 1/4" orange flexible pneumatic tube running around the perimeter of the main floor rooms, inside the wall cavity, about 12" off the floor.
I traced it out to the condensers, maybe heat pumps, outside, but it wasn’t connected to anything yet.

Can anyone tell me what this was? Is it an HVAC component?



Do you have any photos?

Wish I did. Sorry.
This was a little while ago.


Could be for the air gun? :slight_smile:

Pesticide tubing


So am I reading this system right? Someone comes by and pumps chemicals into your house without you having to be there? Could be a disaster if “kids being kids” hooked a water hose up to the system and ran off:shock:

If the kids were able to get the locked access hatch open, and then had the specific garden hose to pestban fitting, I guess it could happen??:D:D

But if these kids are that industrious, you have other problems. :wink:

What was the house source of heat?
is it possible it was for Radiant floor tubing?

Nope. I believe Brian’s pesticide tube wins the day. I forgot to mention this was in Georgia.
The tube is only 1/4" and in the wall, not the floor.

Learned somethin’ new on that one… Thanks, Brian.


Those are common on all Centex homes in my area. That system does not have a great reputation here due to alleged clogging of the tubing and ‘nozzles’ after just a couple of pesticide applications. Perhaps they have resolved that issue.

do it the old way and install shotgun shell caps for future treatments

never clog and if they do just blast away :twisted:

Do not see them much here any more here either. I think Michael is correct and tube clogging was a problem.