Odor in kitchen Pantry

I received a call from a client about an odor in there kitchen pantry yesterday afternoon. They thought it may be from food that spilled.

I just got back from there home and it seems to be to be a strong vermin smell, something died in the walls. They have a pest specialist going to ther house later today.

My question is how do you locate, get rid of vermin in a finished wall?

Also would an IR camera detect dead vermin?

Thanks, After smelling the odor for a few minutes I got a really bad headache and I felt like throwing up. The smell was really bad.

It is possible that IR could detect a dead rodent, but if it died Within the walls, there is only a little chance that will help conventionally. ( at least with my camera )
I could imagine a scenario where the heat was turned up for an hour or 2, then off with the windows open. For a few minutes, the delayed heat dispersion might help. It could potentially save tearing out the whole wall, but you might have better luck with a 1/2 in drill bit below the base trim and a bore camera.

One reason why traps are better than poison…

In a few days the body will dry out, and the smell will dissipate. It will be really bad for a day or two, but in a week or so it will be mostly gone.

If they can’t wait that long, they will need to start knocking holes in the walls. IR may be a solution, but I don’t know.