OEM Software

I am constantly being bombarded with offers for software at what seems to be good discounted prices. I am sure everyone else is too!

I would like to start a discussion here on the reality of experiences on dealing with this - both good, bad or possibly your personal experience or advice in this matter.

Is it a scam? Is is it OK? Any conditions members should be aware of, etc.

Thanks in advance - Claude In Canada

I have had great luck you must insist that it is sent by mail to Canada.
If they want to ship via UPS never to Canada Fed ex is not bad Best by far is US mail
At least 10 times in the last couple of years .
Roy Cooke

I woudn’t buy any software from somebody that contacts me trying to sell it. Nothing wrong with OEM software, but you won’t get vendor support for it. Make sure you buy from a reputable vendor ad make sure it isn’t bootleg.

Here is an example . Look on the net and compair prices .

If you want more INFO Claude I will send you the whole thing
Roy Cooke.

Sorry try again Roy

And again Roy

Roy Cooke

My feable attempt to get rid of canadian BS