Off the Beaten Path

As I was inspecting a property for a client my eyes were drawn to the barn up on the hill, as I walked up the path I noted the asphalt asbestos roofing, The owner of the property said his grandfather installed the roofing in 1958,WOW 62 years old and they are still in excellent serviceable condition. :cowboy_hat_face: :ox:


Most likely one of the reason that barn looks in great shape.

Asbestos has been widely used because it’s fireproof and durable. Too bad it’s so toxic under certain conditions.

Yep, through hospital testing for and eye stroke a few months ago, they caught something on my lungs inadvertently, and my Pulmonologist a couple of weeks ago said they had found asbestos fibers on the lower part of my lungs. They called it nodules and causes abrasion to the liner of the lungs. Dr. told me I had dodge a bullet just in time somewhere in my life. Not serious, just need monitoring.
Constant exposure to asbestos will eventually get you. I was exposed to it in my early years of construction up until maybe 1980 at best I remember after it was banned.

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Lucky you, my friend!

Another fascinating story about this barn, Is back in the early 1920s a young man starting a family made all of the Concrete Masonry units by pouring concrete into a mold one at a time-on-site waiting for them to cure. He then began to build his prize barn to store his hay and shelter his animals so he could feed his family. The way life used to be. :cowboy_hat_face:


Everybody talks about “the good old days” but you know the guy that built that barn was shivering his as* off all winter long in an outhouse, And anybody who’s used a jobsite potty knows what it smells like in the summertime!


Amen to that.

I thought I saw everything until I saw a guy come out of the crapper on a hot Albuquerque summer day eating his sandwich. :nauseated_face:


With that said, I can just imagine what the inside of his home looks like.


Maybe that was his home! :rofl:


If you’ve seen Albuquerque it was definitely an upgrade.

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Is that the best you guys can talk about is a shit house.

I think this barn is stunning, home inspector training be damned. I’d buy it.

Nary a nail in site! Union Mills - Continuously occupied by the Shriver family since built in 1797.


Asbestos is a fantastic material for the properties that it has. Damn that friable fiber cancer stuff!

Welcome to the forum, Andre have fun and enjoy. :grinning:

Nice :+1:. They sure don’t build 'em like they used to…

Actually I think the barn is a reconstruction…very nice mind you and original type construction, but the wood looked new to me.
The Mill is mostly original! Rained cats and dogs that day.