offensive odor

how do you handle an offensive odor IN a home you inspect? it was VERY apparent the homeowners had pets. i’m a pet owner/lover myself, but the smell was overwhelming. do i mention this somewhere on the report??? or just leave that to the discretion of the buyer?


Tell them verbally.

client came for walk thru and ofcourse he knows about it…he asked if it would be on the report.
we discussed it…but not sure that’s something I should include


I would note “a pungent odor that does not appear to be coming from the plumbing system or from outside the house”. It may require a carpet removal/replacement or other expense to the new owner. I think it should be in the report.

I agree with James…and…what (damage) is under the carpet ???

I’m not shy. I tell them straight out what it smells like in the home and I note it in my report with a big dark circle around it.

I’ve had many homes with offensive odors and told my clients exactly how to correct it, and have never had return calls regarding odors in a clients’ home.

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yea, she walked in…and got a nose full! :slight_smile:

ok, glad for the advice. thanks

I would definitely mention this on my report.
If a Dog or Cat pissed on the carpet and a hardwood floor was under the carpet guess what? The hardwood is stained and no amount of sanding will remove it. That section of the hardwood floor has to be removed and replaced.
I would cover myself with a mention of this on my report.

I use this in my reports if needed…Nose1.jpg

Was this odour caused from urine/feces or was it an odour that some dogs impart from being dirty, long hair, flea powder, or dirty litter box smells associated with cats? Just curious.

I tell it like it is.

If there are pets, signs of pets, pet doors, dog houses, cat trees, etc, I note in the report there are pets.

As for odors I note it, I even note if there are what I deem to be excessive candles or air fresheners present.

The anti-stank, stank, stanks worser than the stank from the stinkers runnin’ 'round this house, not just pets.
Need to make a note of that.
Especially when it’s the car danglers on all the door knobs in every room, hard to cover a dope house odor.

If it smell better or worse than my bathroom before I enter it gets noted.

SOP says VISUAL inspection

How would you report the smell of French POOF POOF water??

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Oui oui il sent comme Fifi

I do list strong odors as a cosmetic issue. Sometimes the buyer is from out of town and does not see the home prior to a final walk-through or when moving in. That is when the phone would start ringing. I just note that an odor exists and may or may not dissipate over time. I let the buyer and sell work out all of the details and what they can live with. I feel I would be remiss by not mentioning it in the report. Heavy smoking odors in a closed home are also very offensive to some buyers.

That could be dangerous!! What if it’s an oil, mold or strong chemical smell??

You cannot always smell chemical off gassing.
You cannot smell methane.
You cannot smell all moulds.
You cannot smell Carbon Monoxide.
You cannot smell Radon.
You cannot smell… :slight_smile: