Offensive Post

I didn’t want to promote the offending message (father raper) so I am posting here.

Especially considering the source!!! Enough so to question my future association with an organization that condones this type of behaviour.

I agree :frowning:

But… You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant. :smiley:

People come and go all the time. I thought Nick posted a legitimate question. He was just questioning the parenthood a half breed wannabe president. If you’re offended, just ignore it.

Stick around. You’ll find much more that offends you. It’s a NACHI thing.

Woody, I want change!

If you find the mere words of a thread on a message board offensive… can you imagine how offended the parents of this child were when they found out she had been raped and impregnated by a married adult male.

Normally, how someone came into the world is of no concern of mine. But considering that the product of this rape wants to be our president and often points to rape as a reason for twice voting against a bill that would prevent a doctor from murdering our already-born, fellow citizens who survive botched abortions, I find it offensive that few are saying anything about it.

I’m not even sure I’m Pro-Life… but I’m damn sure anti-murder.

We should all be screaming… and reminding Mr. Obama from whence he came.

Another thread trashed.

I mean come on, if we going to embelish lets do it right. I think Obma wants each and every abortion to be sucked out with a vacuum and cause as much pain and suffering to both the unborn child and the mother and then this woman should have the letter “A” pasted upon each article of clothing she wears to shows that she had an abortion. Then he will take his un-naturalized self to the place he will find solice and solitude…what place is that you ask…THE OVAL OFFICE and I am one happy camper he is going to be there!

I mean if your gonna spin…then SPIN baby SPIN!

[quote=“gromicko, post:7, topic:32967”]

can you imagine how offended the parents of this child were when they found out she had been raped and impregnated by a married adult male./


There are plenty of much more offensive things that happen in the world every day, but that does not mean we need to title a thread after it, especially on a home inspection message board. This is a public board and I personally would be ashamed if a potential client or a referring realtor saw that a person of authority in this organization had titled a thread like that.

Again, I’m not necessarily anti-abortion.

Killing an already-born, U.S. citizen who survived a botched abortion isn’t abortion.

Ralph, I deleted my thread for you. Didn’t mean to offend you.

Anyway, I found the answer to my question. He was a full adult, 23, married, with a baby by another woman when the assaults began.


Your post offended me even though I’m not an American!
For you to suggest that Obama will be the Next president of the United States of America knowing full well that McCain will be the next President is very offensive!:shock:

Please delete your post.:wink:

Thanking you in advance!:shock:

Thats murder and thats that!:frowning:


and totally sick

I did not read the whole thing…but are you saying that if my son was adapted and was the product of a RAPE…that he would not be qualified to be president…sorry as I did not read the entire thread but i kinda got that part out of it…i am very interested in this reply.

Paul it sounded that way at the beginning but ended up about killing a baby that survives a botched abortion attempt in which Obama favors. I also think he was saying this goes outside the boundries of Pro-Life & Pro-Choice! I just called it what it is and thats murder! Or at least thats what I get from the second paragraph of your quote from him!


My view…Abortion is Murder…I personally would not have the joy of parenthood and the blessed days with my child if for abortion…I am Pro-Life and I can think of ( personally ) dozens of people who would like to adopt these children that are killed…I would take 10 if I could…