Offer indoor allergen testing. Now in Canada.

Huh… A vacuum really? Does anyone use this kit now? Huh, a vacuum lol. There’s a tool I didn’t think I’d be using for a HI.

Yea, and at only $350.00 a test, it’s a bargain. They’re going to beating down the doors for this ancillary option.

I agree. I called 2 different people I know this morning to tell them about it. They each have problems breathing in their own homes. Needless to say, I have to buy a vacuum sweeper tonight. Many consumers are alergic to their own homes.

I was being sarcastic. :roll: $350.00 is totally ridiculous.

Did you find it cheaper somewhere? Where? I don’t see how a home buyer with severe alergies could turn this down.

I don’t see it as being a demand. A home buyer with severe allergies is going to have the carpets cleaned, and the ducts swabbed regardless. They might even have a mold test done. But I don’t see this test adding any value for 99.999% of our clients out there. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, and if so, I’ll jump on the band wagon too. But until someone asks me about it, I’m not going to get too excited (nor am I going out and buying a vacuum for this.) :slight_smile: Besides this one test is more than an entire average home inspection. If the price point was about one seventh of the current price, I might feel different about it.

If homeowners followed CMHC guidelines and suggestions they could reduce or eliminate most or all of the conditions in the home that this test provides. Most of improvements one can make to indoor air quality can be found on the internet for free fwiw.

Of course not, we only announced it last night.

We’ve seen this quote in the past regarding radon, mold, seller inspections, energy audits, infrared (all fairly established markets today).

Run a market test. Put “Indoor Alergen Testing: $350” on your home page and see if you get an inquiry.

Why would you want to offer a product that you have no stake in and run the chance of them screwing something up and you being held accountable for it?

Absolutely. Also, $350 is our cost. Add on a markup to make it profitable, and it’s even more unreasonable.

Greg writes:

Performing an inspection has way more liability than sending a sample to a lab.

Mark writes:

Uh, no. Click the link at the bottom.

This thing is pure profit.

[quote=“gromicko, post:12, topic:32719”]

Performing an inspection has way more liability than sending a sample to a lab.



But I can control the inspection. I can’t control what an outside vendor does or doesn’t do.

Ok prices have changed, but I still don’t see where the “pure profit” comes in…

$40.00 deposit for the kit, $210.00 for the analysis. My math says that’s $250.00 Cost. For something, I have never been asked about. That’s slightly less than an average inspection. Still not at a price point that I believe to be workable. Sorry…

Considering you are already at the inspection and you don’t have to go back to pick up test kits or anything, I calculate the profit on this to be 8-10 times radon.