Offer indoor allergen testing.

Great, more competition…thanks.

Maybe I’m a little confused, but how exactly does this help me as a INACHI member, and an independent mold and allergen tester? Have we partnered with someone that eliminates the middle man…which I’m pretty sure we are.

You can get a allergen test kit herefor half the cost. Eliminate te middle man.

Nick, this is really ridiculous-X. Not only is the inspection business struggling because the situation with the economy, now you are advertising a product that can really hurt the Mold inspector](*,). Why hire a Mold inspector when the client can purchase a kit and do it yourself. Just like our great partner Pro-Lab that sale all kind of environmental test kits at our local Home Depot & Lowes. Way to go. Now you got me really confuse with InterNACHI promoting more competition:mrgreen: to the Home Inspector.

The INACHI motto:

Brothers helping brothers compete against brothers.

Nick is no different…he’s in it for the $$$$$$. So if HE can make more $$$$, all the better…the INACHI membership are simply CONSUMERS in his great plan!!!

Try every way to increase MY income. So what ? The turnover here is quite high anyway…as long as I can keep membership at a fairly good level and buying (newbies are keen and want to BUY), the wheel (merry-go-round) never slows down…just lots of people getting off with many newbies getting on…cause it’s very easy to get “fully certified” compared to any other organization!!

Brian MacNeish is one of the inspection industry’s biggest liars.

I don’t make any money off of this and neither does InterNACHI. You can ask all 600 vendors in if I’ve ever asked them for a cut from any of them. You won’t find one who says I have. If Brian can find one that says I take a cut, I’ll buy him a new car. Brian is going to be driving his old car for a while.

Anyway, consumers can already perform their own home inspections, their own mold tests, their own radon tests, etc., anyway,… but still hire us.

This particular allergen test which tests for 6 allergens is available only through National Jewish Health. It is very new and the best out there. National Jewish Health’s reputation is on the level of John Hopkins. Only InterNACHI members can buy them at a steep discount: (you can mark them back up and keep the difference $$$) It is a very appropriate service to add to your list of ancillary services and make even more $$$.

Last week I visited my own family doctor to tell him about it. He told some of his patients (who have bad allergies) about it. 4 of his patients have already contacted me to have the tests done on their own home. Not one asked about price. Trouble is, I’m not an inspector. But I’m going to take the program to my next Denver chapter meeting and we’ll certainly be creating brochures for all the Doctor’s offices in our market area.

As for PRO-LAB being in all the stores… they were there already. I simply got IAC2 on the front of all the boxes and InterNACHI members on the back of all the boxes in 50,000 retail outlets: Would you rather ASHI be recommended to consumers in those 50,000 retail outlets? Let me tell you something else too… very few of the mold test kits come back to the lab. Consumers find the directions too difficult and so take the advice on the back of the box and visit and have an InterNACHI member come out and do it for them professionally. Remember, these kits are generally not purchased for real estate transactions but rather consumers that InterNACHI members would likely not market direct to anyway. It is extra $$$ for InterNACHI members and the do-it-yourself kits exist in the market whether the boxes recommend that InterNACHI members be contacted or not.

I’d rather they recommend InterNACHI members, than not. And they do.

So you make no monies, gain nothing, no perks, housing, car, etc. from anything connected to the inspection industry, this association and its vendors, NACHI-TV, Prolab, Correct filters as part of Prolab…sounds pretty strange to me!!

Not a penny. If you truly think I make money from all these vendors, why don’t you go ask all 600, find one… just one… and get yourself a new car?

What sounds “pretty strange to me” is that you will tell horrible lies about me publicly without having one vendor back you up. Not one.

You sure are a piece of work.

You gain nothing from the inspection industry is what I asked second time around, not from the vendors!!

Financially, I earn nothing from it. So will you apologize now for claiming that I take a cut from these vendors?

Nick no one puts this much effort into an endeavour for their health. You may not get a cut from vendors but I believe there is a financial motive to your involvement. You may not be being paid or are earning now but future $$$, other family members ownership, family trusts, or any of a number of financial arrangements can allow you to say what you do!!! Being a private entity, we will never know but…no one will believe there is no past, present or future personal or family gain in these business endeavours.

Please, InterNACHI couldn’t afford me.

Brian, I can’t speak for everything that goes on at InterNACHI, and Nick obviously makes a living (in a mountain home, not a mansion) but I can definitely speak of my experiences. I’m assuming there’s nothing special about me, and others are treated the same. Nick has never asked my company for money. Our ad in the Inspectors Quarterly was free. The NACHI.TV shows I did were shot free (there’s 4 of them, 3 were for our business, one was educational for all). The news releases on here are free. The advice he’s given me along the way has been free.

Hell, when my I went up to Boulder to film a NACHI.TV show with Russ Spriggs, my fiance was there (who works with me) and Kenton Shepard was there. We all went to dinner afterwards. I felt I should pay since I WAS getting free exposure to all NACHI members and Lisa and Paige were getting paid to film and edit. Nick wouldn’t let me pay! I think he’s nuts, but that’s fine.

It’s partially because of his kindness that I spend so much time (somewhere over 2500 posts now) on this board helping other inspectors (often I get a call for help regarding OTHER software programs). It’s my way of ‘paying my dues.’ I feel that his behavior encourages us (vendors) to pass on the savings that we would be paying for all these things to InterNACHI members. I pay dearly to participate with other associations. I’ll be at the ITA conference next week (not cheap at all!). I’ll be talking at a conference in Arizona in November with Nick (free).

Anyways, I felt I needed to put my 2 cents in. It’s not fair for the guy to get tanked on when people are only seeing one side of the story.

Dominic writes:

Thank you.

Evasion of the point(s) in question.

Asked and answered. I don’t take a penny from vendors or anyone else in the inspection industry.

Now Brian, will you be apologizing or not?

Bill Janis here from Empowered Point of Sale, Inc.](

**I’ve been Proudly servicing NACHI as the top Bank Card vendor providing merchant services to over 4000 InterNACHI accounts since March 2006 **

InterNACHI - Superior Service - Superior Product Seals approved at:](](](](](

I can honestly say that Nick Gromicko has never accepted a dime from me. I have offered him up front cash and back end residual income. All Nick cares about is his men in the field and that they get the best, genuine opportunities available. His heart is 100% in it for the InterNACHI Home Inspectors and their well being. Nick has personally blessed me and my family’s life forever for the better. I am honored to be in his circle of friends. Don’t believe all this Bull** about Nick taking kickbacks from any Vendors. It’s the farthest from the truth.**

**Bill Janis CEO/President **
Empowered Point of Sale, Inc.](

Wow. Thanks Bill!