Offering a New E&O Program

I’m proud to announce that as of today I joined forces with Elite MGA, the exclusive provider for the Hartford E&O program, to provide what I believe to be the most comprehensive, competitively priced, efficient E&O program to home inspectors.

Over the years, I’ve done my best to establish credibility among the inspector community and have also done my due diligence with respect to my new venture. For those who’ve had experience with Elite MGA in the past, whether good or bad, what I’m bringing to them is my commitment to servicing my clients through reputation, experience, and accessibility. My feeling toward insurance is if everyone needs it, why not buy it from me? The product is excellent, the rates are great, and myself along with with a staff of support, are here to serve you.

You guys know I HATE be thought of as a “vendor” amidst all the recent chaos and vendor scrutiny, but I think this is really going to benefit those who have a need. The Hartford’s name and reputation speaks for itself and I hope mine does to.

If you want a quick quote to see what is available, you can visit or shoot me an email at

Ben Garrison left FREA. What’s the world coming to?

The inspection world is coming to a new place where arguably the best, most competitively price product is being offered by me through Elite MGA and backed by the Hartford. It’s a no brainer not to get a quote at the very least.

Is FREA closing up shop?

I’ve had my E&O with The Hartford for several years and recently moved my Business Owner’s policy over to them too. I was always happy with the rates and underwriting. Fortunately I can’t speak to the claims service.

Hope the relationship works well for you.

That is who I have insurance through also, Ben.

Glad you included “arguably” in that comment. “most comprehensive, competitively priced, efficient E&O program to home inspectors.” Well, I will give you that they are finally competitively priced…

You know I had to prod you a little bit. Congrats on the move. you should have done it 2 years ago to InspectorPro

Is FREA closing up shop?

2nd time you asked and no reply? might smell soething brewing in the air.:shock:


I’ll take that as a “yes, they’re closing up shop.”

No, they aren’t closing shop, but they’re changing underwriters. They’ve issued a “non-renewal” statement to all current policy holders and the application process has to be resubmitted by everyone who wishes to continue with them.

I’m very unhappy with my recent quote from FREA, and am hopeful Ben can get me a much better rate from his new company.

Jeff Pope writes:

Thanks for the update.

No, FREA is not closing up shop and me not responding was a function of being very busy at the COA conference taking applications for home inspectors looking to purchase E&O. Let’s not stir the pot and create unnecessary concern about FREA, they are fine.

I just wanted to make a change and focus 100% of my time in the home inspection industry with Elite and The Hartford behind me. I think this is a hell of an opportunity for us to emerge as the largest provider in the industry. Yeah, that’s right Will… I said it! Hahaha. Btw, I was shocked to hear that Landon left but your new guy (Jason?) is a good dude, I enjoyed talking to him.

Playing this for FREA?:

Lets focus on what I’m doing now, not what I did in the past. I might even kinda act like a vendor here and there :wink:

Well then, we should reveal that I think so highly of you Ben, that I recently tried to hire you at InterNACHI. I wish you success with your new job…and keep taking good care of InterNACHI members.

Thank you. I sincerely appreciate it and the good news is that InterNACHI is here to stay so I always feel like I have options within this industry. It was great to meet your members at the conference as well as see Lisa and Chloe. They bust their asses for your association and it never goes unnoticed by those on the outside looking in.

Freudian slip?:wink:


How did I know a picture from the conference was going to surface? Go figure

Oh, that’s not the only PIC we have of you Ben. I have some PICs of you from Vegas 2008, but I don’t think you want me to post them. :wink: