Offering a New E&O Program

I have no recollection of that. I heard that “Oracle” found me while trying to find my room and I was nowhere close. Those were the good old days when I was young and fun. Now I’m just an old, washed up vendor.

Not me… I’ve only just begun. LOL And InterNACHI is just a puppy.

Ben, I’ll be emailing you when my insurance policy expires in October, so will people who work with me.

Yes Ben i will be also

I just switched my coverage over to Elite with Ben. He has always taken great care of me, and I got a rate at nearly half of what FREA wanted for renewal.

To be fair, I also got a quote from Will Colton at InspectorPro (thanks Nick), and their rates are very competitive. Will was very responsive when I was searching for a new carrier, and he provided me with several nice options for coverage.

In the end, it came down to the fact that I have already built a relationship with Ben. He has helped me several times over the last few years and I trust that he will continue to do so.

Jason started about the same time as Landon. Landon’s new opportunity is a great one for him and I believe he will be happier there. He has done a fabulous job for us and was great with the inspectors. the truth is he is super talented and capable for interaction with the inspection world, but he struggled with the day to day in an office and a bit with the sales mental game.

your aspirations are high to become the largest in the industry. Its good to have big aspirations to motivate you. glad your excited about the new opportunity and I truly am excited for you and have massive respect for you. Im not sure at the current moment if the the largest provider is InspectorPro or Allen, but I think you have a large hill to climb and InspectorPro will continue to grow. I will watch for you in the rear view.

Try NAPLIA or INSPECTER PRO both the same. I jumped ship from FREA to them 3 years ago.

I personally like Inspector Pro insurance too. Email Will Colton for a free quote:

Jeff, thank you for your business. I think very highly of you as a professional and I just think you’re a good person in general, you’re the type of guy I like to do business with. I have your back and you know where to get me when you need me.

And you can’t go wrong with Will Colton either. He is someone I consider to be a good friend while a competitor at the same time. There’s enough business to go around for the both of us and we are the wave of the future when it comes to home inspector E&O insurance. Choosing your insurance provider as an inspector, to some degree, would be like Will or myself choosing which of you to have inspect our home. I have my short list of inspectors I know from this message board who I’d have inspect my house and preferably one who is insured by InspectorPRO so I can sue the S H I T out of him and pollute their losses :wink:

Who cares who is the largest. Ooooopppps.:oops: Scratch that:

Old. :slight_smile: According to the photo I saw you look like your mid 30’s top. I always assumed you was was much older.

I’m 34 years OLD

Jeff, I would like the opportunity to take a look at your program as well. Email me or call.

Look forward to it Wayne. I’m easy to find and happy to help you out. This Hartford program is really doing well and I think you’ll be happy at what we can offer in terms of coverage and price.

Feel free to email me at or you can call me direct any time at 302-690-9839.