Offering drone inspections and/or infrared to other home inspectors

Is there a market for this? I don’t have a drone or IR camera yet but I’d like to get one if this business idea seems feasible. I would be doing just these one or two services as a business, not home inspection ls.

What do you guys think?



I want an update on the radon testing endeavor. What are you finding out about your local market?


Tons of other HI’s have those tools, I don’t think you’d be getting very far selling to them.


Do you have your FAA license to fly a drone and what level of certification do you have to perform thermal imaging?

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Not working out too well. Most companies offer mitigation and testing. They offer free or extremely cheap radon tests and that’s extremely hard to compete with.


Neither. I will get them if I find that there is a good market for doing these services.

What’s crazy is that in some states that is not allowed. In my state, both mitigators and testers have to be licensed, but they don’t preclude one from doing both. Evidently they don’t preclude that in your state either.

I want an update on the WDO inspections endeavor

I think standalone drone and/or thermal inspections are not going to pan out well if offered to only home inspectors. Most already have those tools and get along fine for what they need them for.

There are many services you can offer to other people using either of these tools, but you need to have a bunch of training and experience in either of them to get anywhere. For instance, many realtors use a drone company to get arial shots for their listings. But they want pro-level photography, not just some dude that happens to have a drone.


Thanks Ryan.

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Never ended up doing WDO inspections. Do you think it would be worth it?

Why don’t you focus on becoming a home inspector instead of trying to build a business selling ancillary services to other home inspectors?


I’ve already become a CPI. I honestly don’t want to risk missing something big during a home inspection. I have a bad case of paralysis by analysis lol.

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Test the waters. Don’t go all out marketing. Just do a few mock inspections for neighbors and/or family members. Do about 10 of these and see if you feel confident enough to start charging people for the service. You can also reach out to any home inspection companies around you to see if they need a grunt/gopher to get your feet wet.


Inspectors will be very hesitant to expose you to their clients if you have even the slightest chance of being their competition as an HI.


It would be those services only not home inspections.

If you can’t stay busy doing radon, there’s no way you would stay busy with drone or thermal…
Radon is the only one I personally would consider contracting out. (Because I already do drone and thermal)


The more important question is what vehicle did you go with?


Thanks Daniel.