Offering Radon Service

So I’m going through the radon certification and good grief, so far it’s the longest cert that I’ve gone through. More so than my FAA part 107. Looking at all of the requirements as far as record keeping, SOP requirements, routine performance checks, driving back and forth to properties and mailing off the samples, etc., is this service a true added value?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lazy by any means and stay in compliance with whatever is necessary, I’m just curious as to what the % is of inspectors that offer this service vs those that don’t.

Thanks all

Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues
And you know it don’t come easy


Hey Victor. In my area radon levels are generally pretty elevated. If I didn’t offer radon my competition would get the job. I started off with canisters but the first time fedex lost my package I switched to a crm. In hind sight, I should have just started with a crm. I charge $180 for radon with a home inspection. If it’s in a direction I normally don’t travel I charge more. CRMs pay for them selves pretty quickly. For me, offering radon gets me inspection jobs. I use a couple Airthings Corentium Pro.


Great info Walter. Have you heard anything regarding the RadonEye Pro that’s out? Looking to see if I want to make that investment.

I do not. I would suspect not many here would have a comparison but who knows. Something like a CRM you choose which one, buy it and stick with it.

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Another thing. Agents I work for are not too keen on waiting for lab results. When possible I drop off my CRMs two days prior to the inspection. That way I can give my report and radon results that day.

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Again. Great info. Thanks Walter