Offering radon tests

Do you offer radon tests when someone calls to book a home inspection or do you wait until they ask for one? How many radon tests on avg do you complete?

At the time of booking. Maybe the know NOTHING about Radon. We educate them about Radon and then send them to the EPA website. This is unbiased information. If they read it, they will book a radon inspection. We do about 50 per month

I ask every client and inform them that radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. I point them to my website for more information. Only about 2 per month want the test, however.

I always offer the tests and educate the client about radon but have not had to do any tests to date.

I like the way Russell handles it.

If you want to use…well other Tactics…have them sign a waiver not wanting Radon and Mold testing. Just tell them you offer these and if they could please just sign off declining these in case something comes up in the future…

I finally did my first one today. Empty ranch house next to the buyers agents own home. I will pick up the canisters sat. The agent has a mit system already, so 4 days all shut up in the home, I am curious to see the levels. the great thing was all the furniture was still there, making it easy for room placement

Pretty big deal here in the mountains of Colorado. I have done one inspection this year without a radon test. Most realtors here suggest it, so I just add education to it, then book it with inspection.