Offering Ride Alongs

If anyone in the surrounding, greater-Houston area of Texas is in need of ride along credits feel free to contact me.
You can find my contact information on TREC’s list of Pre-Approved Ride Along Course Instructors.

Why should anyone call you?
You recently joined on Jan. 3, 2020
Are you a working inspector?
A vendor?
What are you charging for this service, or are you providing it for FREE???


Hey JJ
He may have been in the woods for who knows how long. Just recently found the light and joined the best!
Welcome the the force Arturo!


LOL :wink: JK!

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That’s a good one, I could apply that to another post someone made from there. :grinning:

Go for it. We need more humor here!!
Everyone is so frickin’ uptight!!

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Welcome to our forum, Arturo…enjoy!

Also, it seems like a very kind offer from you. :smile:

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Hi Jeffrey,
I would assume the reason why someone would call me would be because they want ride along credits :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been a licensed inspector since 1990. Let my InterNACHI membership lapse a year or two ago unfortunately. So I had to rejoin in January.

Thanks for reaching out!