Office Depot discount program

I hope you are having a great day.
Did you know that the NACHI had a discount program with Office depot?
Well you do……
In these trying times wouldn’t it be great to save money on the items you need and shop the way you already do?
Well to get set up, just contact me:
Melissa May
Or mmay@officedepot.
I will explain the program and get you all set up[FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT]

NEW CATALOG: get yours by placing item # 337300 on your supply order.

  • Melissa May
    Account Manager 1
    voice mail 800-821-4624 ext 7164
    Office Depot Business Services Division
    Please note my new email address:
    For emergencies call my cell at 904-238-5862.
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Thanks Melissa.:wink:

Is this program the same as the one you offer NOWRA (National Onsite Waste Recycling Association)?

What is the % discount?