Office DEPOT has hooked us up with our own account rep. Great deals for members.


Maybe someone can ask her why we have to pay higher prices when we use the Office Depot portal from the members only section than if we go directly to Office Depots site.

Last side by side comparison I did (about a month and a half ago)
They were still charging higher prices when I signed into the portal. In some cases, we were being charged about $90.00 more (got the screen shot to prove it).

What I found pricing a office computer desk
Item 792240
just surfing in price = 169.99
through the Office Depot portal price = 341.99

That is some discount

This was not the only item that cost more.
I found even in the stationary sections, we were being charged more than if you go directly to the office depot website.

Make them earn our business, please.

It has been my experience also!

I wondered why I got a call from my Office depot Rep. I didn’t even know that I had one until she called.

I got a great deal on a HP-9000 17in laptop from them on the circular. In the store they said 8 days but it wound up a month that was OK but I couldn’t send in for my rebates untill i got the items for the UPC and stuff and it’s been while and still havent recieved the last two rebates. OH WELL !!!
it will be in the mail shortly ???
If they can beat the circulars great! if not, FORGETABOUTIT just my opinion.:roll:

The portal has been replaced with the full-time NACHI Rep

Give her a try.

I forgot all about my setting up an account with Office Depot. I went in buy some articles and it came to $56:00 aprox I handed my card and the Girl was surprised to bill was now only $51;00. She said OH! I know you are a a registered Home depo client . She said You are the first I have had . Works great give them you regular credit card and get the discount . Love it thanks Office Depot works great.