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Recently a young police officer was shot multiple times in the neck and left to die in the street while conducting a routine traffic stop in my home town of Columbia, MO. I was in my office working on a report when I heard on my scanner the first call for help made by a passerby on the officer’s patrol car radio. I listened as officers from the city, county and state patrol all worked to help get this young lady the help she needed to survive until EMS could get her to the hospital. The suspect in this brutal crime spent the night on the run, and was finally spotted close to his parent’s home the next morning. As police gave chase on foot, the suspect laid in wait to ambush the first officer that came around the corner of a house, shooting the officer in the bicep. Then he turned the gun on himself, putting a bullet in his head. He died at the hospital hours later.

The officer shot in the arm is going to be ok physically, but the first officer probably will not be. Bullet fragments have likely caused nerve damage and resultant paralysis. She has fought infections that are life threatening, and been in and out of a drug induced coma while doctors try to stop bleeding and other complications. So much trauma for a 26 year old body.

Her medical expenses will be a huge responsibility, and for the most part will be covered by the insurance carried by the police department. But long term needs will be much harder to meet. To help out, this community has started an Officer Down Fund, and is holding a fundraising auction on the 19th of February. I am going to contribute a home inspection and radon test to the auction, but I want to ask for input from the membership. Has anyone here donated their services? From a legal standpoint, I realize I need to document a fee, have a standard inspection agreement and all that, but is there something else I should consider? Any and all advice is appreciated.