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Hello all–I was in construction for years and decided to get licensed to inspect homes as a way of building some extra income, but have found a solid job that will last me for quite a while, so the home inspection course i bought i will not be using.

I purchased it for $500 new. It is an official training course, brand new and never even watched (DVDs and full training manual and book). I’m offering it for $350 plus shipping to anyone who wants to learn how to inspect homes. Please email me and I’ll send along some photos if you wish, and I can put it up on ebay too if you are not in my area (Portland Oregon).

Like I said, it’s brand new, never used, and complete, and I think all 50 states that require licensing accept it as an official training to qualify for your license.

Scott Glenn

You might try ebay.:smiley:

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Ny Does Not Accept On-line Classes For Credit, However It May Be Useful To A Person Looking To Brush-up On Their Skills-

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