Official options on this setup, please.

The stairs around the deck seem to have gaps very ‘large’ to me. Is this a valid concern, and how would you word it? References is ok, I’ll take em’






If newly constructed, the riser must be covered (4 inch) in accordance with IRC 2006. (while not citing code…)

House is under a year old.

Thank you.


I could see a young child putting his head through the gap in the riser to look at a frog, rock, leaf, etc and getting stuck or falling.
Also, what is that that is discharging onto the steps (pic 3)?

Can you say “trip hazard”?:wink:

This is a weird setup. Above the deck is exhausts for like a bathroom and a second floor dryer. On the other side of the deck, is the AC condenser, so during the sumer time you can listen to it while enjoying your deck. Next to the stairs is both exhausts for the water heater, and the furnace. The water heater is the one ‘glazing’ the step.

Any official comments? This was a home warranty inspection.

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Now this deck has ‘concerns’, how to put them into technical statements is challenging.

Anyone want to pipe in on this one? Stairs end on a set of buried cinder blocks.


P.S. I know about the uneven riser, and commented on it.



personally I would have more issues with that exhaust placement regarding feezing over on that top step in cold weather it also looks awful close to that window…though that may just be the picture angle…

Thx, I flagged the position of the flue because of the potential icing conditions, and proximity of window.


Is the bottom of the stairs ‘secured’ to those blocks, or is it all free-floating?

I didn’t lift the steps, but I noticed in a photo a gap forming. So if attached, not very well. My guess, free floating.


Personaly I would have no problem wth them other than the exaust.
What is it a lousy three steps.
Looks like over kill with four stringers.
It is strong enough and short enough that I would have no problem with that componant other than stated as above.