Oh, the things we see in attics

Saw this today in a very large attic that the homeowners were using, extensively, for storage. New one every day.

I know that inspector.

I guess they keep their skeletons in the attic instead of the closet.

I think that is Mike Meekers after a Wind Mit !

did I see that thing move?

Did you dial 911 to report a possible homicide due to remains found in an attic? :shock:

I wonder how hot that attack was during the so called Inspection of the last HI up there. LOL

Hope that wasn’t the last inspector that was up there!

No food and water, the best inspector will last about 7 days. :wink:

I thought dead bodies were typically dumped in the water in Chicagoland.

I find that, usually, people tend to accumulate 120% of the stuff they actually have room for.

Go figure.