Oh you gorgeous thing,so pretty

You need a hobby :mrgreen:


SEC are a bit messy, aren’t they? Not even close to being straight.:slight_smile:

I remember someone who used to wire panel boxes that way, except they had more of a curve on the 90 bends, they all had exactly approx. 2" radius.


Secondary grounds and a ground bar that is not bonded to the main… Pretty but by no means perfect!

Sub panel and after looking at nothing but 130-40 year old dumps the last several weeks it is so hot I am in love.

We use real conduit around here.Not that goofy extension cords stuff you guys see.

Stop knocking my wo…uh panel.

Conduit grounding…

And, a green bonding screw upper right with a connecting bar between them…no?

Green screw not screwed in .
Its a sub.

Looks like a recalled AFCI, too.

Thanks, a little hard to see from here…but, it is purdy.:slight_smile:

Ask Nate …:slight_smile:


Is the panel over 18 years old?

Actually about 8. Years old so sorry but our need to wait 10 years before its legal.

Bob, do you attempt to verify if the AFCI is on recall list or not? Just curious.


Looks like you went into the future to shoot that photo. So it really hasn’t happened yet. Date stamp 5/19/2015


That’s not a recalled breaker. The AFCI that’s recalled is a Square D with test button that is smaller than this one.

Eat your heart out Bob. And check out the concrete floored, well lit crawl space!


Nice, but it’s missing some tie bars…