Ohio home inspectors expo

Is there anybody from InterNachi attending this?

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I’m planning on being there. I’m also a member of ASHI.

I heard one of the guest speakers is M. Parks!

Seriously, go! It will be fun. :smile:

I thought I seen a Parks was speaking but I did not recognize the first name

I was joking, Greg… :rofl:

Just so I don’t think I’m going crazy I will try to find it, there was a Parks supposedly speaking there.

Because the very first thing I did was look up the first name thinking of Michael


OK I must be going nuts, I can’t find the Parks I was thinking I saw anywhere

Are you attending all three days

Hence, the joke… :joy:

I’ll have to find the thank you from ASHI and NAHI from the time I gave them 2005 NEC changes.

Helping them to call out defects without citing code.

Kevin when you go to the expo ask Forrest if he reminds inviting me.

Go away, cease your DUMB attempt of bragging to feel good about yourself.
No one cares, in case you can’t see thru your obvious delusion of grandeur.

Only to discredit you!

Why, he would probably barf. :face_vomiting:

AS usual you do not make any intelligent sense at all.

Vote now & add to no one wants the presence of fatty the monopoly man

Forrest is a class act unlike you!

Up to 20 members - you must have a ton of influence!

Why don’t you present FACTS instead of acting like a playground bully?

Vote now & add to no one wants the presence of fatty the monopoly man

Obviously, you have no room to talk! Have you checked the voting yet again? It is unanimous. :face_vomiting:

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