Ohio House Bill 145

Deleted because Nick and INACHI is on it. Please hold off on any letters until you hear something different at this time. Thanks to Nick and everyone who are already on this in the back ground.

Not good. Time to rally the troops in Ohio. Act quickly, before it is too late.

Being deleted in Committee already.

Sweet …what a ridiculous requirement that was

Fat chance. Nice try by the diploma mill lobbyist though. What some org’s waste their money on, I’ll never understand.

Okay, I will bit. What are they trying to pull? I have not been watching Ohio lately.

Diploma mill ASHI thinks there is some publicity benefit to inserting crap that everyone knows won’t stick. You’d think with the financial trouble they’re in they’d listen to me and realize stuff like that doesn’t work any more. If they would get some membership benefits, some success tools, some approved education… they might get some members and save their association. After 18 years I’m finally going to predict it. ASHI won’t make it through 2010.