OHIO House Bill

Currently Ohio has House Bill that has been sent to the Senate. I was wondering if anyone knows the exams that will be accepted for licensing.Any info on the status of this bill woulod be greatly appreciated.

Board approves the exam and I guarantee it will be an “everyone passes” minimum standard exam… if the Bill passes the Board won’t be appointed for 90 days.

InterNACHI gets only one Board seat:

It is a really weak Bill http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=127_HB_257 requiring only 6 hours of CE a year.

6 hours only! If you start out on New Years day, you can fulfill all your CE requirements by 2pm on January 1.

not always with my headache on new years day Nick…maybe jan 2or3rd…jim

It is sitting in a Senate committee. I have not heard anything about it making it out of the committee for a vote before the summer recess. So it looks like it might be another dead bill. Lets hope…

Has anyone heard where this is at? Just looked at the Ohio Senate website and could not find a Bill #.


Educational providers must be public colleges, universities, etc OR a franchise.

Wow - wonder which group(s) that may benefit

Last word I got, it was setting in a senate committee

According to the website the bill is stuck in senate committee.http://lsc.state.oh.us/coderev/hou127.nsf/House+Bill+Number/0257?OpenDocument

They are going to review this tomorrow. I got this email today.

Correction on hearing date Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:30 p.m.


TO: Senate Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee Members
FROM: Senator Steve Stivers, Chair
DATE: December 4, 2008
RE: Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee
**Wednesday, December 10, 2008
3:30 p.m.
**North Hearing Room


*Sub HB 79 Workers’ Compensation-investment limitations 2nd Hearing
Batchelder Pro/Opp/IP

Sub HB 500** Cigarettes-standards for reduced ignition propensity 3rd Hearing
Hughes Pro/Opp/IP

Sub HB 444** Construction industry licensing laws-control 3rd Hearing
Stewart, J. unlicensed contractors Pro/Opp/IP

***Am Sub HB 257 Home inspectors-certification/regulation 3rd Hearing
Schneider Pro/Opp/IP

SB 99 Health insurance-cover diabetes 4th Hearing
Gardner Pro/Opp/IP

**possible vote
***amendment or possible sub bill

Is there going to be anyone fron NACHI there?

Thanks for posting this. I got a phone call from a Independent inspector about this late last night. From what he was telling me about it. The bill is leaning toward the way of the Massachusetts HI bill. Also, only that certified HI school can train and supply CE. Hondros is really pushing this one. I can not go due to the fact that I have a very bad upper respiratory infection going. I have also heard that it may not make it out of the committee. But who knows. If you can go, please do so.

Here’s the latest I found.

Thanks Bobby for the information. I highly recommend that everyone call these committee members and let them know what you think about this bill.

Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee Members In order of importance

  1. Chair Steve Stivers 614/466-5981 REPUBLICAN
  2. Dale Miller 614/466-5123 DEMOCRAT
  3. Vice Chair Keith Faber 614/466-7584 REPUBLICAN
  4. Ron Amstutz 614/466-7505 REPUBLICAN

Steve Austria 614/466-3780
Gary Cates 614/466-8072
Tim Schaffer 614/466-5838
Robert Schuler 614/466-9737

Ranking Minority Member Eric H. Kearney 614/466-5980
John Boccieri 614/466-8285

call ask to speak with:

  1. senator if possible or if not
  2. the legislative aid or if not
  3. administrative aid

Last I heard it was voted down. I was sent a copy of the bill. One bad thing was the realstate board would have been incontrol of us. Not good some of those people don’t like us

Who ever heard of such a thing.:mrgreen: The bill is dead:D

Congratulations, Ohio.