Ohio License Bill

The Ohio Home Inspection Bill 257 has passed the house and is now on its way to the senate. Lets hope that it dies on its journey. Here is the link for the house bill.


Bill’s don’t always die natural deaths. Sometimes, it takes an assassin.:wink:

Just like here in Kansas, what will keep realtors, engineers, insurance agents from putting all of us out of business? They are not under the laws of any of these bills.

Are you up for the job? :wink:

I’d love to help. Do you have a plan?

I have used all of my ammo. I am hoping that you might have some and maybe you could bring Nick with you for crossfire action :mrgreen:

The good thing is we’ll be legally allowed to work on the houses just as soon as we inspect them…:wink:

The house saw absolutely nothing wrong with that and likened it to pest inspectors being able to treat treat the home…:neutral:

I am not saying that you would. But I do not agree with being able to make repairs on a house that I inspected. I know of a couple inspector who say that there is a problem just so they can make said repairs.

Not if you belong to NACHI or ASHI.

Local politicians rarely heed to advice or argument coming from outside of the state.

This late in the game, your best bet is to get the media to help you get make the citizens aware of how the Ohio Assoc of Realtors are pushing to pass a law to save their deals from being killed.

You can also point out that your state real estate commission already did a study on licensing and found that it did not improve home inspectors or home inspections in any state where it was passed. With that coming directly from the Ohio RE Commission, you have some local credibility that makes it nonsensical for the state to spend money in these economically difficult times.

Yeah I know.
I don’t agree with it either. I was just saying tongue in cheek…

I just found it amazing that the house didn’t have a problem with it… but then again I shouldn’t be surprised eh?

State law trumps National association :mrgreen:

Not in this case.

The COE would take precedence. You cannot work on a house you inspect for 12 months…no matter what the state says, if you belong to ASHI or NACHI.

It’s legal to work on a house you inspect in almost every state. It is just that NACHI and ASHI hold its members to higher standards than the states do…furthering the proof that licensing solves nothing.

Not according to the proponents who penned this legislative waste. They’re obviously laughing at those standards.

Of course they are. That is why the associations ignore them. Their laws are written to protect real estate salesmen and to give them someone to complain to when you kill their deal.

Even if your state allows it, you will lose your membership for repairing a house (for an item on the SOP) if you inspected it in the last 12 months.

Jim is correct. And ASHI and InterNACHI both agree on this issue. The mini-association out of Minneapolis disagrees as they are managed by a for-profit company owned by their own Executive Director who unethically permits her members to offer repair services on their own inspections.

This is a issue that every inspector should be serious about.
Present to our state officals your thoughts and that the industry as whole is not addressed well enough for the parameters of proper enforcement to take place you all have the legal right to speak to our state officals concerning this issue of lic of the inspectors and you should. Input that unfair and unreal expectations of inspectors and not an even exposure of all professionals involved in the real estate industry constitutes discrimination of the restraints of a half written law.(a feather cannot be put in anyones hat then)

Yes call The Govenor THE Senators , and even elected officals at you local level.
be diligent in the attempt to call for a even and fair law and equal enforcement.