Ohio Mini-Convention Pics.

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Here ya go… PICs: http://www.nachi.org/ohioconvention2006.htm

Attendees from as far away as Maine, Colorado, and Canada http://www.nachi.org/ohioconvention2006.htm

Joe Tedesco is a former body builder, Will Decker is 6’ 8".

Where do I put my money? Strength or size?

Congrats, Ohio-
Looks like a great job!

I added MORE pics: http://www.nachi.org/ohioconvention2006.htm

I want to send out a big thank you to all who attended the “Greatest OHNACHI Mini Mega Convention” this weekend. Met alot of great people, picked up some great marketing and educational information. Will Decker set me up with a new power point structural presentation to mass produce and offer to the Nachi membership. So keep your eyes open for this. For those that did not make it this year, make a plan’s to attend it next year. :smiley: Thanks to Jeff, Ohnachi staff, Nick, Deanna, Training instructors, and all of the vendors. :smiley:

Mark H Roe
OHNACH Membership Coordinator

Dang…I think NICK altered that PIC of me…I look like the StayPuff Marshmallow Man…no wait…its not edited…I DO look like the staypuff Marshmallow Man…

Had a great time. Jeff sure knows how to throw a convention.

THanks for having me, Jeff.

Great to meet you, Paul.

Watch the power-points… Not always that Professional…

Are you trying to tell me something about Will’s powerpoints?

I just got back from the Ohio Convention. The place was packed with great people and vendors. Nice job Jeff \:D/
The vendor hall was so packed I could hardly walk through it.

We sold out our entire hotel room block and then some.

Jeff Judy… King of all Chapters is now King of all Conventions.

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Hello, just to let you know I’ve just …

*I was first certified as a home inspector in Ohio by Hondros College in 2001. I heard of NACHI back then, but decided to try it on my own for a while. On Saturday 4/22/06 I completed another certification course through PRO-LAB for mold inspection and met your Deannna Willis - Director of Corporate Relations. I was so impressed by what all I heard about NACHI that I joined NACHI 4/25/06. I’m looking forward to getting to know NACHI better and hope to meet you in person at one of the meetings. *

I would like to thank for letting me become a member of your organization.
Thanks, Scott.