Ohio State NACHI tops the charts

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Ohio State Nachi continues to top the charts, several members and non-members traveled hours from other states just to get a chance to attend one of the greatest little nachi events

The Ohio State event this past weekend had several surprises, great vendor Expos and presentations, new Hi-Tech stuff and lots of fun, even though a plan was made and mapped, we through it out early and had more fun just being people getting together to explore, relax and have fun, everyone got engaged, there was open floor Q&A, jokes, and all around great times had by all

Congrats to all of the prize winners and Grand prize winners at the August 20th event

Longest Drive to the August 20th event 8 hours one way

Very Special thanks goes to;
Larry Ott Sr. for the FHA/HUD program
Roberta Dulay for the website
Pat Murphy, Uplynx inspection software
Erby Crofutt from Georgetown, KY.

Special thanks goes to;
Nick Gromicko
Kevin Leonard Ohio State VP
Larry Davidson Ohio State RD
Roberta Dulay Ohio State Web Developer
Lorne Steiner, NACHI's Director at Large
Larry Ott, SR., NACHI President Western PA
Pat Murphy, President Uplynx Technologies
Jennifer O'Brien
Bob Thompson and Steve Morton
Steve Luxton
Pro-Labs Doug and team
Dan Schuerman

I would like to thank the following vendors for their continued support of Ohio State NACHI
? Yalia Technology Design: Roberta Dulay http://www.nachi.org/yalia.htm
? Structural Building Inspection LLC
? Uplynx Technologies
? Porter Valley Software
? Pro-Lab Inc
? Peachtree/Act
? PDmB, Inc (Palm-Tech) Dan Schuerman
? Home Energy Tune-Up
? Nationwide Reinforcing
? Market Hardware
? Safety Solutions
? Reliable Procurement
? Nspector
? Report Host
? Careington International
? EMLS Analytical
? HomeGauge
? EyeCandy reporting
? Toolexperts
? Professional Equipment
? The Taunton Press
? Inspector's Quarterly: http://www.nachi.org/iq.htm

The Ohio State website www.ohnachi.org will be up-dated over the next few days with a refreshed venue and photos of the 8-20 events

I want to thank every one for coming and I want to thank everyone that participated in the kiosk data tracking pilot program, it was a great success and has allowed us to refine the data base to resolve entry issues as well as lean about attendees capabilities with computers that will allow us to evolve the kiosk into more integrated system

Keep up to date by checking www.ohnachi.org and the Ohio BB

Jeff Judy
Ohio State Chapter