Oil Supplied Furnace

So my client is about to purchase a bank owned home. The Oil Tank is empty and most likely the furnace hasn’t been fired up in quite some time. Do you recommend having the client fill the tank enough to start up and operate the system. Or do you advise not to start a system that has not been started in quite some time and has been in the off position. Any suggestions or advise. TIA First Time in this situation.

Hello Fellow NJ inspector,
I would report that the system should be checked by a qualified serviceman before doing anything. To assure its safe before doing anything.


Thanks Peter, I called the oil company just to verify and they will not put oil in the tank until the home is owned by the potential buyer. They also advised that a Licensed Professional Tech will need to be the one to start it from a cold start because it will need to be primed…ok I get it… that is something we definitively do not do…

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Yep, Peter has you covered, Brett.

You can look over the tank for any rust because they rust from the inside out due to water sitting on the bottom of the tank.