Oil trap for David Valley

This was from this morning’s inspect I stepped it off at 15 feet of buried suction and liquid line from the condenser to where it starts up the wall to the attic A-coil. David If you did not like the two footer how about this one.

This one was a dumb install MFG in 2004 would have been much easier to move the condenser and just run the electric along the wall. Not only is there a oil trap in the suction line but I would be very curious to know the exact head pressure of the liquid as it enters the Expansion of the Evaporator. The liquid freon is going to be sub-cooled by the 15 feet of buried line and will drop in pressure and temperature and can effect the evap temp. I would consider this buried line a + when the outside ambient is above 100 degrees but below 85 I would consider it a minus


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