Ok Beat me up

My comment was in reference to Nick’s statement <CMI is used to market people that do not know you>.

So you can chill out Charley. After all you you’ve been one of the most, if not *the *most, naysayers of CMI from the get go, including very recently.

If you feel those three magic words will help, along with the “Buy Back” program, more power to you.

I will wait until CMI goes on sale again. 2.5k is too rich for my blood. :slight_smile:

Is that what it cost now?:shock:

Sorry it will not go down.

Hey Brianiac you asked for it.
Whats your thread title ?

Doing as requested by yourself.

Business must be bad for the poor guy so leave him alone as he needs all the gimmicks he can buy.


Only you guys in the super secret boys club are privy to that information.
Drats and darn it.

Congrats Charlie.

Now you’re really dancing in the rain. :wink:

No matter who you are you will learn something new each day. It is when you stop that you are dead.

So according to the above, you must be dead. :slight_smile:

I am chilled right to the bones, I have always given Nick a hard time about CMI and I always compared it to my IR marketing it was a competition between Nick and my IR and we both understood that. I just get tired of Bushy always trying to tear this org down he has never and I repeat never actually promoted any thing this org promoted every Idea according to his way of thinking is wrong. What he and his followers seem to miss the CMI and the buy back is Optional I don’t understand what part of optional is not understood.

Thats fine I’m in the kitchen I can stand the heat but ya need to get over this silly secret club thingy you speak of its all imaginary and in your mind. My business is going to support my family and two other family’s thus I am bringing out the big guns to do it. If you are content with your business so be it. Bob Read my lips I live in the middle of a cow pasture not chicago

Learn anything from this group. Are you kidding! You all fail to miss the mark. Only person who did not does not exist.

:-k #-o Very kind of you… :lol: :mrgreen:

Good for you…enjoy yourself, Charley. :slight_smile:

Larry it is just to make a point. Some are very strong in one area and week in others. After being here for years I have come to the conclusion that none of us could survive without the CE we have received from InterNachi. Even though at times I wish I could walk away from the MB I would miss something new once and a while.

I see you caught that too. :smiley: :blank:

Basically Charley, the tallest building in Boulder is low enough that if Nick jumped, you could catch him.
And anyway, who would want to beat you up? It’s punishment enough living in a state where the mosquitoes are the size of (and more aggressive than-) hummingbirds.

Ya have to be tough to live in this State at age 5 they start us with rattle snakes for neck ties and cactus for toilet paper:mrgreen:

Just giving you a hard time brother.