Ok completed the 120 hour

Hello everyone, I finally completed the 120 hours online lic course at nacchi.org in Florida not easy that’s for sure.QUESTIONS what next to do pass the state exams I think. also if I wanted could I work for a company under their state licenses in FLORIDA since I am certified in all areas now.

thanks if you can help me out

Yes you can, if you want to carry their tool bag…

You are not certified till the state says you are certified.
Next, take the state test.


Licensing is mandatory. Certification is voluntary.

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Need to pass the State test and do all of the State paperwork. You will find many questions on it not covered in the Nachi 120 hour course. I just took it last year.


Thank you everyone , next up state Exam hope I pass it.


Hope for the best! :+1:

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