OK, I'm such a 12 year old.

From the aerial photo of a recent fire hydrant break in Dixon Il, this picture.

Do you see what I see?

The building was a Scientology “church”.

Ya just gotta admire G-d’s sense of humor.

Penis Church.jpg

Nothing better than a Birds Eye View of things. They seem to reveal strange perspectives of the Normal View of things. ;):slight_smile:

The big one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend the building see a doctor for the swollen left nut.
Just got spayed myself when I entered a home where it may have been my pleasure to interrupt someone goofy enough to hacksaw a copper supply pipe at a water heater in the kitchen.

It also looks like there’s a stain in the road.

Money shot?

Hey, I never gave them permission to use my likeness… :mrgreen:

Spayed?! :shock: Are you a girlie man???:wink:

A designer with a sense of humor , Now if someone could build a another building made like a Vagina . that would be a fly over attraction .

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I agree Will that would be a “Load” of crap…LOL:shock:




No its quite real

It was done to preserve an oak tree.

Yes…the building is real. The photoshopped water is not real.


Well why didn’t you say so? Probably.:smiley:

Spit the coffee out on that one:D

Oh COME ON! :smiley:

Those wacky Scientologists…literally.