OK, Now I've seen it all

A new educational video about how to use a blower door for energy audits.

Look who’s teaching continuing ed now.

Hahaha, awesome!


Is the Godfather of Soul that hard up?

I feel good!

Wait just a dog gone minute. He died in 2006.

I’m sure some of the old timers remember “Hot Tub” from SNL :slight_smile:


With that news he may not feel so good;-)

What’s next Stevie Wonder doing home inspections?

He did that video as part of his “Public Service” to stay out of jail on a domestic violence charge.

He be a agent’s dream inspector:mrgreen:

umm yeah… He is dead (Talk about your past coming back to haunt you)

He could be the poster boy for " Beware of the blind inspector":smiley:

Saw him in concert at Milwaukee a year before he died.
Pretty much needed lost of backup dancers and singers plus long intros to make up for lack of stamina but still a great show.

Classic music.

It will make you sweat, it will make you wet…