OK now what?

Just what is really going to change? Just what really needs to change?

I know Obama has stated tax cuts, new jobs, natural gas, and no help to Companies who ship jobs overseas. But thats what they all say.

Myself I have always really been pretty happy with the current status of were I live. If I need a doctor I just drive down the street, If I need the police I just pick up the phone, If I need some extra money I just get on line and find some part time/full time income, If i need food or gas I just drive to the store, my kids go to a good school, my neighbors are really cool, and if someone starts some crap with my country we go kick their ***.

What really needs to change? Sure we could use a better tax structure, more jobs, more resources, and so on.

In my opinion what we need most is to put the lazy American people to work and take away there incentives to be lazy. Now I know some need there government aid but dang do their grandkids have to get it as well?

Also are the flood gates about to open? What is going to be done about the people who sneak into our country? I fear this is really going to be a problem.

Have these issues been addressed?

Bush and his NeoConArtist gave away tax cuts to their greedy corporate cohorts who sent the bulk of their decent paying jobs overseas, so good luck convincing them that they should go work 40 hours a week at Mickey D’s for a $500 bi weekly paycheck when Uncle Sam gives them that for sitting on their couch pretending to look for a job. :|.)