OK... what's the recommendation here?

Very strange installation. Here’s how it’s described in the course…

      "Apparently, the installers refused to let themselves be limited by good practices developed by those who had gone before. Tiles range in color, texture and in length from about 4 inches to full tiles, with all sorts of lengths in between thrown in to keep things interesting. Tiles appear to be held in place by… the tile in the course above… and lichen… although there does seem to be some kind of adhesive dribbled around in a random kind of way. This was the windward slope in a high-wind area, which would account for some of the tile displacement, but a large portion of this strange installation appears to be due to the unique frame of mind in which the installers indulged."

What would you recommend?

Looks like we have a dump picker .

Roof less then professionally installed Recommend immediate repair by a qualified Person .

Looks like Sand Cast Pinto Tiles to me.

Pretty much write up everyone I have ever seen, even New Ones.

“Recommend all displaced Tiles be put back into place by a Roofing Contractor.”

Yeah, but some are smooth, some are rough. I don’t know anything about Sand Cast Pinto Tiles.

LMAO…great roof! Man I love it! Just when you think you have seen it all…you find out your big time wrong!

That is the “Look”.

Some of the Newer roofs I have seen have Rolled Roofing underneath as well.



Julio strikes again!


Thanks Brian!

OK Joe, I’ll bite… who’s “Julio”?

How ecclectic! :wink:

Julio is the “undocumented worker” who has no insurance, limited English, but is low balling every reputable roofer in the Carolina’s. Unfortunately most homeowners (and insurance companies) go with his price only to have call backs for which he is never seen again.

I myself have bidded against him and repaired work behind him…if I ever find his arse I will stick a bundle of shingles up it.


Jeff identified him nicely.

I suggest they pull up a lawn chair, make some margaritas, stare at the roof, and see if they can find Waldo in that mess.

Pretty common installation. As Brian stated, replace (reposition) and secure the displaced tiles and move on.

The underlayment is usually a 90# rolled comp except for older installs, where you would be lucky to see 30# felt.