Okay, Nick you don't support advertising NACHI at Realtor.com how about FSBO.COM???

I understand you don’t want NACHI advertised at Realtor.com… Okay, how about FSBO.COM… For Sale By Owner.Com has an ALEXA RANKING OF 6,138… which is awesome! FSBO.COM has other home buying and selling resources but no home inspector section… NACHI’s ALEX RANKING is 45,000… so FSBO.COM has a lot of exposure on the internet… since the smaller the number the better… (in case other inspectors didn’t know this)

Check out the site: http://www.forsalebyowner.com/

Would this be a possibility if many other Home Inspectors supported this??? What do you think? Just trying to increase our exposure… :smiley:

And if you other inspectors support this… Let us know!

Let me know your thoughts…
Justin Watts

Do it. Contact them and tell them we will install links and references to their site within http://www.nachi.org/sellyourhome if they will give us a break on advertising the free book on their site. I’ll even insert their pre-written content. This should be right up their alley.

Remember, this is what it takes (something outside the box) … because nobody hires an inspector from a mere banner ad.

Get us the best deal you can and we’ll do it.

BTW, this book already gets NACHI members a lot of seller inspections. Seller inspections are becoming so popular.

Want to get into seller’s inspections? Here is something to read: http://www.nachi.org/sellerinspections

Also BTW, your Alexa comparison forgets something.

Although FSBO.com may get more traffic than NACHI.org… it doesn’t get more traffic than all NACHI sites combined. If you add up all the traffic of all 4,500 NACHI sites including our chapter sites and our consumer sites like www.FindanInspector.us www.InspectorSEEK.com www.InspectorNOW.com www.CorrectInspect.com www.InspectorLocator.com etc… our combined traffic would almost rank us in the top 1,000 in all the world… oops I mean on all of Planet NACHI.

Okay… I will do it! I will keep you updated on the response I get… can I give them your email address?

Yes, and email me for my private cell phone in case they need to talk to me, but try to see what you can do on your own. And if you can think of anything outside the box, no matter how wacky it might sound, let me know.

Okay, sounds good…