Oklahoma Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Oklahoma City on January 16, 2015.


I thought it took more than one person to be a chapter:p;-)

Yes I noticed as well 1 member: Mr. Jack Werner from AtoZ :slight_smile:

Show up and join. It’s going to be a good event.

How do you know its going to be a good event what speculation are you basing this on:p There are only 55 InterNachi members in Okla. The Licensing # is well above 1300 ya kinda got the short end of the stick Mr Salesman

All NACHI events are good.

AND when was the last time you attended one or do you just talk about them;-)

Jacksonville Florida 2012 main event.

The main event is in Vegas;-)

The main event is on Dec 22, 2014… our annual online Christmas party. Biggest event in the inspection industry each year.

I beg to differ your Xmas party reminds me of a bird nest full of babies with their mouth open begging for food. You create a welfare state of mind. What ever happened to the old adage work for what you want???

Oh c’mon. It’s Christmas!

Most prizes are going to help our members’ clients or ultimately be passed on to their clients.

Yipper Xmas is for Children and the needy;-) real men work for what they want:D

This sounds great. I just registered for it.