Oklahoma HI's just got shafted

I recently attended an ORCIA meeting (Ok residential commercial inspectors association) and was informed that the control for licensing of HI’s in this State is being transfered from the State health dept to the State construction industry board which naturally is controlled by union operated trades within the State that have a dim view of HI’s to begin with.
HI’s will have no seat on this board and when the ED of ORCIA asked the construction board if we were going to be allowed a seat their reply was DON’T GO THERE. Oklahoma politics as usual I don’t usually get envolved in politics but this one has a sour taste and I think I am going to get out my drum and start beating it.

We have a double standard in this State that has never set well with me it absolutely chaps my back side. As an HI we are not allowed to make repairs on anything that we inspect for a period of one year and I am in full agreement with that policy it is as it should be. What I don’t agree with is any contractor that performs a inspection on an item or component that is envolved in a real estate transaction is still allowed to perform repairs after his inspection is performed and this is total bunk the same standard should apply to the trades as it does to the HI’s.

Wouldn’t the law have to be amended? This transferring departments is definitely a conflict of interest.

That is not our understanding of what’s going on Charley, but I’ll re-check into it. Thanks.

I don’t know how much amending was done but according to ORCIA its a done deal and they are not very happy with it either.

Nick I only know what the State chapter Pres and the ED put out at the meeting.

In TN besides the AHJ Inspector, licenced General Contractors were the only ones allowed to inspect new construction.

The HI law overturned this and made everyone meet the same requirements (except for >3yr working inspectors to do the pre-licencing education).

Charlie that is bunk!

I can give you some more Okla bunk General contractors are not required to have a license in this State but a Barber must have a license to cut hair.:roll:

You have to have a liscence to drive ,get married and cetch a fish at some point peaple will begin the states just use this to increase revenue and really don’t care about the public !