Oklahoma Inspection Exam

I just finished the interNACHI 90 hour course, which is approved for Oklahoma’s licensing requirements. I looked over a few sample questions from the NHIE - and wasn’t overwhelmed with confidence about my ability to pass the exam. I’m sure all of the information is the same, but the sample questions put emphasis on details that I didn’t pick up from the course, even though I got high 90’s on every test in the course.

Has anyone else taken the NHIE exam after completing the interNACHI course? Did you wind up paying for any of the many test prep options out there? I don’t want to waste money, but if $50.00 on a test prep system saves me the $200 I’d waste retaking the test, it’s worth it. I really felt prepared by the interNACHI course… until I started looking at the sample questions!

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Feel free to give me a call at 812-499-3838. I took the NHIE after completing the InterNACHI pre-licensing course about a year ago. I can give you several pointers.

John Taylor