Oklahoma Inspectors

Just wondering if any Oklahoma…Tulsa area would mind if I did a ride along next week as I am flying out there 14-19. Would be kinda educational for a CAli inspector to ride along with an Okie inspector. No offense by the Okie comment as I was born and raised in Muskogee. If someone is available email me.


Paul, I think I would be looking up Charley B. in that area.
He usually wears a red hat with women making advances off balconies.
Can’t miss him and he is full of good experiences. :):wink:

They do those dumb EMP inspections in Tulsa which I don’t care for its like being in a different world. Ya could ride along with me but I live 85 miles from T town

I’ve heard rumors about that red hat. Tell us more Marcel. I heard they were tossing their panties at him from the balconies. Something you see only at a Tom Jones or Englebert Humperdink concert!!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Dirty Dozen secret. :mrgreen::wink:

Not sure I want to know why the twelve of you are called the “Dirty Dozen”. I can only imagine!! :shock::shock:


Jeff, here they are. Can’t miss the red hat. :):wink:


Marcel…we’ll need to change our “Group” to the “Dirty Old Odd Dozen”…so Linas is counted as well…!

Anyone with photo shop?
We can add Linas in and call it the Prestine 13 group. Watchout!!!:mrgreen::wink:

Linas hears to much perhaps he should have that Missouri hearing aid salesman tune his hearing aid;-):wink:

Isn’t 13 a Baker’s Dozen?

The hearing aid business must be picking up since Russell started promoting his business. Who would have thought that he still sold hearing aids!! He may be doing hearing exams with that fancy IR camera for them Missoura doktors.:wink:

Ya know guys this Band of 12 came together like brothers no squabbling no fussing each would walk the pit of fire for each other anytime day or night it all came about by simply meeting in person and getting to know the person. Its hard to call someone a hearing salesman or a dumb ***** after actually meeting in person or at least it is for me. So there are a few guys on this board that I never want to meet in person;-):wink:

That’s a fact Charley. That was one reunion seminar I will never forget.
Great bunch of guys. :slight_smile:

What did I ever do to you ??? !!! :p:mrgreen::wink:

Of course we all know that truly successful HVAC guys can keep their company in business longer than 5 years and 6 months and don’t need to be doing home inspections to make a living when HVAC jobs (for those who are good enough to be in demand) pay much, much more … and even fewer successful home inspectors have the time or the need to market themselves as “thermographers” who photograph horses …

I wouldn’t hire one of these guys to fix a window fan after reading their claims of sizing A/C units in homes they never saw by guessing the square footage. They are overblown legends in their own minds.

Not to mention any names on the public section of the message board, anyway.

Yea, that might be a lil far…I will be flying into tulsa then heading down to hanna, probly over to muskogeed and back to tulsa. If you have something scheduled on tuesday in the area let me know that would be awesome. Thanks for the offer.

Gosh am I confused. When everybody took that pic, I thought Charley was the guy with the rose colored sunglasses NOT the cap.

Nothing scheduled that direction going west today for a 4K+ new construction in a law suite builder been banned from the property should be interesting

Would enjoy meeting you if ya have some free time I would drive to Tulsa and have lunch with ya