Oklahoma moisture Intrusion

Ponca City, Stillwater and Enid Oklahoma home inspector provides documentation and expert witness testimony State wide for improperly installed dry stack stone on exterior wall cladding with the use of high resolution thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters.

Charley what camera are you using?

B-cam , BX 320 and a T360

So, ya writing your own press releases now are ya?.. What training did you start with to get level 1

Any exterior pics you can share? Thanks in advance.

Just counter punching CMI:D Took my Level l in Denver with Flir,s Bob Rogers Level ll in Dallas with Flir’s Bob Rogers and Level lll in NJ with Infraspection

This is the type of stone that contractors are having problems with they are unable to read MFG installation instructions/recommendations

Nice find Charley!

Sometimes the subtle ones scare me… I can’t say I would have never found it without good equipment (T Series), but you gotta wonder.

IR_0199-non radio.jpg

75% of all my moisture finds now come straight off the web from people that already suspect they have a moisture problem and want me to find the source or documentation for expert witness