Old House Restoration Workshops

On April 21, 2007 Heritage Caledon in conjunction with Edifice Old Home Magazine will be holding an restoration workshop.

The five hour workshop explains the proper methods and execution of repairs and maintenance of a Century home inside and out.

Would there be any interest out there amongst you folks to attend?

I don’t know whether this workshop would qualify for CEU’s but I don’t see why not.


I attended one of these and it was great very educational .
I would suggest any one West or North of Toronto get in touch with Raymond .
Roy Cooke

I have never been to one either, but I here great things about them from other people and that usually they get very good turn outs.

I don’t have all the details yet, but will keep you posted. I know there is limited seating.

Hey, maybe those five CEUs can be applied to the couple of dozen you need to get your RHI back!!! Best of luck with that. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Norm :wink:

Thanks I already have them! As to my RHI I still have it and I am a member in good standing! So eat your heart out loser! :slight_smile:

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Norm :wink:


If you cannot offer anything constructive please go and post somewhere else. Clearly your motives and your language are disturbing and juvenile.

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Norm :wink:


Thanks, now that you have gotten that out on the table can we return to the topic at hand?

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Norm :wink:


Ray, I would be interested in attending.

I would like to go but it is a bit too far away for me.
I understand that Cam Allen hosted a similar course in the Kingston area. By all accounts it was a tremendous success. I keep hearing that the content was first class, the printed material was second to none and Mr. Allen’s unique teaching skills put the entire thing over the top.

Way over the top.

He did a great job it was very informative and well presented .
There was a shortage of printing material .
It was great but I and I guess others did not get the follow up material.
Unfortunately this was the time things fell apart.
NACHI Came through and picked up all the food cost for every one also.
NACHI seems to be so far ahead of all other associations this is why it continues to grow at such a phenomenal rate.

Roy Cooke

All that in five hours.:shock:
Does that include lunch too?

Topics include:

Repair & Maintenance of Heritage Roofing, Repair & Maintenance of Masonry and Wood Siding, Wood Window Problems & Solutions, Caulking 101, Damp Problems & Solutions, Paint Problems & Solutions, Repairing Failed Plaster Walls and Ceilings, Insulating An Old House, The Century Home Kitchen & Bath

I’d really love to go to one of these.

Please keep us posted and how many you can handle .
Have you any idea of cost yet and what about food and coffee
will that be available and approx cost.
I am sure i can get some from my area to come .
Thanks for doing this . Typical NACHI help all
Roy Cooke

Hey Wendy,

Perhaps Roy C. or Raymond can put you up for a few days so you can attend.:wink:

We have lots of room here and I would not mind But Char is not here and she just might have some concerns with that idea .
And we are a lot further south No snow yet.
Roy Cooke