Old Outlet

I know nothing about them really. I have not experienced any of them. However, anything that has a configuration i would not recognize would be suspect in my view. Again opinions being what they are. Any device used properly, with correct terminations, proper conductors, and providing an actual male attachment plug exists…should be ok…but thats why you HI’s make the big bucks…check em all out to be 100 sure.

Anything that is old needs to go when it comes to safety. However I can’t believe how long some of these old outlets have lasted. Today with the problems they have GFCI’s not working right, AFCI recalls and of course the lovely era of Receptacles designed to stab the wire in the back. Makes me think are we getting stabbed in the back when purchasing new items that have a life expectancy of 10 years.
Carry on educating Paul it is really needed these days.:wink:

The number one condition that I find wrong with old receptacals is they become worn and plugs are no longer tight fitting. It is common to find scorch markes from the plugs being loose in the contacts. Ever wonder why you find outlets that have been painted for no appearant reason? There ya go!

Ironically, I find the new cheap crap being sold today to fail in this same regard in as little as 3-5 years, versus the 25-30 years or longer of the older stuff.