Old pic but for fun.....

Was this bass caught off a bed (in a small pond) ? This was one hour after IR INFO ended in Orlando in late January


Nice fish!

What imager was that?

Must be a bluegill…


It was just a cute baby maybe 2.5 lbs and a T-420 With MSX turned off .out of a 2.5 acre retention pond that I refer to as “the barrel” across from the in-laws…I would say 1st-2nd wave of spawners for that region water temp was most upper 60’s

Looks like ya Pi*** your pants:D

Why is that lol, make this a teachable moment

Cause your getting old and don’t even feel the drips?.. :wink:

Don’t you know the difference between a shadow and a dribble?:stuck_out_tongue:

I am not posting a pic showing both lmao

I was unable to use my moisture meter with the pins so I can not verify that it is moisture, but the point of entry sure looks suspect. I also think you might have some wicking taking place because it sure looks wet all the way up to your belt line:p:p:p:D