Old School Software

I have been inspecting for 16 years and still use the same Borealis pocket PC software. Well I’m getting older and would like the luxury of a bigger screen like an IPAD with an editable software with drop downs. I have 16 years of narratives and would like to impose them in a new software. I am not interested in having a software company as a business partner (reoccurring fees). I just want to buy the product, say thanks, and bye; unless I need tech support. Any suggestions out there?

Bigger screen LIKE an iPad, or, an** iPad**? Does make a difference as to if the software will operate on it. Many don’t work on iPads.

What is wrong with your current software? Is it due to question one above?

Contact Dominic or staff at Home Inspector Pro and talk with them directly. HIP operates on Windows and Apple, so no issue there. Be sure to tell them you are an InterNachi member for any discounts they offer us.


Hi Jeffery, the software is good. The problem is it needs the old MS Access to operate. I have an old PC solely for the software (offline) to edit. A pocket PC is a tiny screen and not many to buy any longer. IPAD or Android is fine. But would love a larger screen. I have to caution that heat is a factor in Las Vegas, Extreme temperatures 110 - 120 is not uncommon. So a tablet needs to be resilient to heat exposure.

Hey Frank,

Spectacular will convert all your Borealis comments to the modern app and have done so for others at no extra charge after the InterNACHI discount. If you’re serious about upgrading your home inspection software, look into it here: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/spectacular-home-inspection-system.aspx

It is $250 each subsequent year but you get support and updates at no extra charge. Yes, it works on iPad…

Hi Aaron, Thanks for your comment, both programs are looking for recurring fees. One needs cloud support for android and the other for annual updates. Guys, this is leasing service. Can you imagine buying a WIN 10 PC and having to pay a monthly fee for your security updates? As I said, looking for a product I can buy and do my own modifications and not be on the hook for more money.

Frank, what you want doesn’t really make business sense. Your home inspection software will be out of business in 2 years if they ran things like that. You call in for support and they pay the resources to help you and you never pay them another dime? It’s unfair to compare Microsoft with millions of users to the small home inspection app developers. Would you go do a re-inspection for free? That’s analogous to the updates you’d receive from your app developer. Software is a service and by the way, Microsoft wants you on their Office 365 subscription now.

Hip desktop has no reoccurring fees. You can use a regular tablet.


HIP desktop is a subscription, but doesn’t explicitly say it is. Dominic recently said HIP 5 is coming out soon and with all the hard work he put into it, do you think he’s giving it away to everyone who has ever bought HIP before for free? No way. He’s a much smarter businessman than that. The renewal cycle may be 2 or 3 years, but it’s definitely a subscription. If an HIP 2 user calls about a change Microsoft made on his Windows 7 laptop that broke HIP, I’m sure he’ll be sold an upgrade.

Aaron is correct, the market is tiny and mobile software has expenses for the companies. iPad software has to use a cloud service to generate reports and such. We pay Amazon and our other hosts thousands a month to run our servers. We can’t make awesome software by paying bills without an income stream. 4 programmers and 5 tech support people unfortunately won’t work for peanuts. Trust me, I’ve tried!! If you want us to be around in another 13 years (about to celebrate our 13th anniversary) then we have to pay the bills.

Bob is correct that Home Inspector Pro’s Windows/Mac version does not require a cloud service as the device itself does the work. You can get a Windows tablet and just use that.

But, to be clear, Frank (OP) could purchase HIP with a Windows tablet and never purchase any future upgrades. Future upgrades (such as the upcoming version 5.0 is voluntary, NOT required). Or wait a short while for v5.0, and be good for a few more years before another upgrade (v6.0) is even available! All updates with v5.xxx are FREE.

Thanks everyone for your comments. As I said before, I will not pay recurring fees. I understand your sympathy for companies needs to stay in business so that justifies their regular paycheck from us. But here’s the thing. I could build my own template with editable text on a PDF program. I choose not to for I do not have the time nor the energy. Updates should be by choice and not by expiration agreements. My Borealis program works fine. Almost 17 years of inspections and never an omission or a typo. I have a problem with the technology of old devices and that is all. As I said, I need a bigger screen. Bob Elliot has the closest suggestion to my needs. I could use a tablet PC but again there is the heat issue that I mentioned earlier. For now I have to stay with what I have until my equipment fails. I have 7 dead pocket PC’s and two living ones. I will look further into HIP. Also maybe there will be a better software for my needs in the future. Thanks all.

PS fellow inspectors. Your template is YOUR intellectual property. I would never offer up my template to any company to “transfer” data onto their product that I might purchase. Don’t think they will not take your work or some of your work and use it to sell it to others in their template programs.

Frank, we have plenty of guys using Windows tablets out in the field in Nevada, Arizona and California with no issues.

Software today is very , very different from an editable text PDF. In this market your competitors have programs that have reports which are including videos, popup glossaries when you hover over words, editing photos within the software and on mobile devices, integration with services like the Department of Energy, RecallChek, Inspection Support Network, etc.

As Bob mentioned, there’s no forced updates of our Windows software (nor of HomeGauge’s, I can’t speak for all the others). If you don’t want to update, you never have to.

Yeah check out some of the new tablets. Frank majority of the time it is me and a camera. Every few years Dom comes up with cool upgrades but he also has guys that never upgrade and do fine because support is there. Last edition saw video and HTML versions but many old school do not need it so go ahead and take a free trial using one of the Apple or MS tablets and use it that way if you like. HIP is HIP because if that flexibility.

I did just that, for the same reasons you cite. And, it isn’t as hard as you might think.

Does your software run on windows, if so, how about a windows tablet?

Thanks everyone for the great support!

I just purchased Palm-Tech’s product. https://www.palm-tech.com I chose it for the same reasons you state. I did not want a subscription service or annual membership fees. I don’t expect to pay a reoccurring fee to use my licensed copy of Microsoft Word, either. If some folks are okay with subscriptions and/or memberships, that’s fine. To each his own. Palm-Tech is more expensive than others I looked at, but I figure I will easily re-coop the extra cost relatively quickly since there are no ongoing fees. I have used their tech support only once so far, but they were easily reached and provided quick, accurate answers to my questions. The software is easy to use and works on both Android and IOS.