Old shower head

a first for me, old shower head

What is the shield for

I beleive the idea is for the light above it to shine a “blue” hue on the stream of water…


Looks rinky dink to me.

Don’t look behind that wall paper. :wink:

Never seen this before, is it a battery operated light? Looks pretty transparent.

Guys, It’s not an LED shower light.


It looks like a home made deflector made from possibly a dust pan.

Looks like a deflector to me, pull down to keep your hair dry :-k

All original, is to keep water from splashing on wall paper etc., as told by 90+ year old client. His father built a lot of the homes in the area. Lots of good conversation, could have spent a couple of days listening to his adventures. But most move on to the next one! Happy hunting to all.

Very cool. Did you run your moisture meter across the wall paper?