Old water staining on Stucco

(Cliff Keveryga, CMI) #1

This photo is of a north facing exterior wall old water staining under multiple windows. Home was built late 90’s small drip cap on top of windows only. Stucco is not cracked, loose or flaking. Ideas of why? I have a my own idea but would like to hear from others. (installation issue) What can be done to remediate this for the client.

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #2

What makes it “old”?

Water has been, probably still is getting into the stucco system at the windows. Need much more detail in the photos to provide a theory as to how/why. Did you feel or look at the condition of the substrate at the bottom to see if it’s deteriorated?

Time for a drill and probe.

(Cliff Keveryga, CMI) #3

Hi Chuck like I said no deterioration. I have referred them to have a stucco company out to evaluate it. Winters can be extremely tuff with ice damming inside wall. Where I live we can go from -30c to 0c within 24 hrs.