Old wood shingles still bleeding sap?

I couldn’t see it well at first, it’s a lot easier to see in these closeup photos. It looked just like sap from where I stood.
I was looking at it when the neighbor kid walked up and asked what I was doing.

I said “I’m looking at those old shingles leaking sap.”

He said “That’s not sap, those are my gummy bears.”

Gummy bear sap 1 - Copy.JPG

Gummy bear sap 2 - Copy.JPG

Gummy bear sap 3 - Copy.JPG

so did you try one to see if He was telling the truth???

LOL. That’s a little humbling. :smiley:

I looked at the pictures first, and as I was reading your text, I was thinking to myself that it didn’t really look like sap, but I didn’t know what it could be…

Always take the time to listen to kids, they have important things to say.

Did you take samples to send out for Gummy Bear DNA testing???


as far as I’m concerned a gummy bear thrower is a thousand times better than a nose picker,can everybody say ewwwwwwww…

What are you inferring here Jim, that those may not be gummy bears? Hope Kenton didn’t give it the taste test!!! :twisted:

OK, that settles it. Whatever flavor it is, it’s not my flavor.

And usually more accurate. :mrgreen:

better safe than sorry sir…