Older Water Heater EF's?

Having trouble finding EF’s (not (UEF’s) for older water heaters.

Anyone have info? FYI - I have called Bradford and While and US Craftmaster (American Water Heaters) support and was not successful.

Here are the units I need:

Brand Model Serial Year Gallons EF
Bradford White MI30R6DS13 XL0502375 2001 30 ?
Bradford White M249S6DS2 AK5320012 2004 30 ?
Bradford White M230R6DS2 AK53B728 2004 30 ?
US Craftmaster (American Water Heaters) E1F30HD035V 503130986 2005 30 ?
US Craftmaster (American Water Heaters) E2F30HD035V 548131123 2005 30 ?
US Craftmaster (American Water Heaters) MHE2F30HS035V 628132567 2006 30 ?

Any help would be appreciated!


Try sending them an email instead.
I doubt you’ll find any 3rd party collection of such data for “older” water heaters.

What is that?

Energy Factor I believe.

OK! Thanks …

Apologies for not clarifying. Yes EF is Energy Factor.

The programs in which we participate require existing EF’s for purposes of determining eligibility in terms of payback on upgrades.