Oldest practicing home inspector passes away.


Martin was a long-time ASHI member too. Many years ago at an ASHI meeting, the ASHI President at the time told the crowd that the best strategy in dealing with us was to “ignore” us, as we only had a few hundred members (true at the time). Anyway, Martin, who hadn’t yet joined InterNACHI, stood up and asked… “What will be ASHI’s strategy when InterNACHI has 5,000 members?” :stuck_out_tongue:

A few years later he joined InterNACHI.

He also kept running records of the fees he charged for each inspection dating back more than 40 years. He allowed me access to this data to support my contention that home inspector’s fees, after being corrected for inflation, have fallen every year, and most dramatically in states where licensing has been adopted.

Martin’s very first inspection wasn’t on a home BTW… his first call for an inspection was to inspect a plane.

Good bye Martin.

Good bye Martin…

Regarding HI prices:

The average price (east Texas) for a 2000 s/ft house was $175.00 in 1998.
If you factor in inflation, that price would now be approx. $230.00

The average price in this area is now $300 to $350.

The actual (with inflation) increase in price here has been about 40%.
With the huge loss in new inspectors that are not coming into the field,
I look for this price increase to rise. Texas laws are now much more strict
and the housing bust has made it harder to make it.

Of coarse we still have the low ballers who charge $199.00.

Goodbye and RIP Martin…thanks for paving the way for alot of us

Bless your heart & soul, Martin!
I’m happy to report, in your footsteps, that I did an extensive IAC2 mold inspection on a plane last year.

About the same here John since we lost so many inspectors due to the economy, so I think Licensing helped here as well, even though the standards are not even close to Texas standards, the cost of schooling, insurance, trying to get a client base just starting in this market make it just about impossible for most.

Bless Martin…

Goodbye Martin and Rest In Peace.

Of coarse

On 3/16/09 7:40 PM, Katie Carrado wrote:

Hello Mr. Gromicko,

I’m emailing with the sad news that my father passed away on 3-9-09. I believe that you knew him as “the world’s oldest home inspector”.

My Dad spoke about you and InterNACHI often and so I thought you’d be interested in the news. My Mom tells me that you were trying to interview him recently - the family also regrets that this wasn’t able to happen.

Katie Carrado Gregar